Large murrhine shallow bowl

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 13.5000CM
Product Width: 13.5000CM
Product Weight: 0.1900KG
Product Packaging: 0.0700KG
Units in box: 1
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Shallow bowl in Murano glass with mixed flowers murrhines, made by Ercole Moretti. It is completely handmade in Murano glass by putting together uncountable murrhine designs using new combinations every time so that every bowl is unique. This is a fine example of great craftsmanship and artistic talent. The bowl is made in Murano glass in several stages, the first one consisting on putting together uncountable murrhines on a refractory frame, then the Murano glass is fused and we get a compact Murano glass disc. In the second stage the disc is polished on both sides, put again in the oven over a refractory frame and made it pliable so that is can be shaped in its final form. In the last stage the item polished again and given its satin look.