La Bottega dei Cristalli is a shop which was set up in Florence and specialises in all things related to Vetro Artistico® Murano, in other words Murano Glass. We have always been fervent admirers of the traditional Venetian craft of glass blowing and therefore wished to contribute to enhancing its image and raising awareness about this unique “made in Italy”, indeed “made in Venice”product.

Following years of research throughout the Venetian area, we managed to select the best craft studios and manufacturing companies from over one thousand glass blowing workshops in Murano. This careful selection process enabled us to identify our partners who provide us with the best quality and most original products designed to cater for all tastes and pockets. Our assortment is unique and the price/quality ratio of our products unequalled. This explains why we have progressed over the years and become one of the few points of reference for the sale of Murano glass outside Venice and in Italy. We boast an international and national clientele. All our products are strictly handmade according to the ancient craftsmanship of the Murano masters and carry a guarantee certificate. The items in our catalogue range from classical to modern. We stock a very wide range of original products catering for all tastes and budgets.

In our shop you will find hundreds of unique and inimitable items: multicoloured Murrine paperweights, glasses in soft blended tones, small ornamental dishes, iridescent vases like the façades of Venetian palazzi, small bowls in the colours of Tuscan sunflowers, picture frames to capture the colours of your memories, little boxes of all shapes and for collectors, birds, both large and small, sweets, assorted fruit and clowns to mention but a few.

Because everything we have is handmade no object is the same as another.

Thanks to this new e-commerce platform we can now ship our products to you, worldwide, duly packaged and covered by shipping guarantee.

Anna and Andrea have been married for the last thirty years and have been working together for the past twenty.  They came from different backgrounds, she was an interior decorator, he an entrepreneur.  Together they developed the idea of opening a shop that would contain all things they considered beautiful.

"La Bottega Dei Cristalli" took shape in 1997.   Housed in a splendid 16th Century building on Via de Benci 51/r in Florence, it contains beautiful Murano handmade glassware created by small producers who make very colourful modern pieces using ancient techniques.  Alongside these are small objects and jewellery in the true style of the best Venetian tradition.  

Ten years later, Anna opened "Dettagli Per Donzelle, comari e ...Sognatori" ( Details For Damsels, Ladies and...Dreamers), also in the historic centre of Florence.  Here, Anna carefully selects the items she has on offer which are designed to make women even more beautiful. So, you might ask, what´s next?  Our future lies in the hands of the Gods!